Our Story

Hello! We are Virginia and Stephan, Creamhotel’s co-founders. Both European by birth (Virginia is Italian and Stephan is French), we met in New York in 2009. Not only we shared our expat status, we also discover a common passion for traveling, art, design, marketing and entrepreneurship…and for each other! Soon after we became husband and wife.

At the time of Creamhotel’s conceivement, Stephan worked as a real estate broker and Virginia as an art curator. Our professional background couldn’t be more different, but that’s precisely what gave Creamhotel its character of lifestyle brand: in fact, it encompasses different aspects of life, from traveling to housing, art, marketing, event planning and culture at large.

When traveling, we’ve always preferred to stay in accommodations that reflected the local culture and customs and, on the same note, we’ve always been interested in meeting with the locals and learn about their native land, rather than following the usual, beaten tourist paths. Our way of traveling and our drive to discover different cultures define the philosophy behind Creamhotel: a company for savvy and adventurous travelers with a curiosity for authenticity, which offers experiences rather than just a place to stay.

As a result, Creamhotel became a representation of the contemporary nomadic and creative lifestyle that we like to live and that we wish to extend to all the like-minded globetrotters.

We are a hospitality company that provides vacation homes internationally, which are unique and 100% local in their architecture, interior design and location: they are the expression of a destination’s flavor and traditions. With Creamhotel your journey starts from your temporary living space and it broadens to our personalized concierge services, which gives you access to the road less travelled and to experiences known only by a few.

At Creamhotel we believe that exploring the world, the exchange among cultures and the connection between people are at the core of a fair and respectful society.

We visited and experienced all our featured products and Creamhotel is our way to share our journeys with you!



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