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Enter the Cream

Cream is an independent hospitality company, travel agency and lifestyle brand. It was founded in New York in 2011 by a team with experience in and passion for traveling, art & design and for spaces where people live and create.

We offer a global portfolio of vacation rental homes, personally handpicked and ranging from local, characteristic accommodations to design-savvy, art-curated luxury solutions. We specialize in experiential traveling by creating bespoke and unconventional travel packages that include activities and explorations outside of the usual tourist paths. When you travel with Cream you experience your destination in unmatched authenticity and style. 

As creatives and digital nomads ourselves, we know what businesses, brands and freelancers with an international base need:  spaces to work when traveling, to organize events and to work on creative projects abroad. We have a growing list of creative spaces to rent in some of the most sought-after locations in the world: browse our portfolio to find the perfect match for your photo-shoot, video or event: from weddings, exhibitions and receptions to parties and private dinners.

​Cream is not only a business. It's a way of life inspired by creativity, curiosity and a borderless vision of the world. It embodies an entrepreneurial spirit based on linking minds, ideas, talents and cultures on an exchange and collaborative level.

We promote an independent lifestyle and the respect of local cultures as well as global identities. We are a cultivated, experiential and innovation-driven brand that aims at reinventing hospitality by focusing on connecting people worldwide.

Where you stay says a lot about who you are...


Each trip to the island is a new experience, you might get lost but you'll find yourself again!

Tulum ruins

Private dock and pool on the bay side of Miami Beach: Welcome to Bay Dreaming

miami house white biscayne

Stay in an authentic hacienda in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula and travel back in time.

Hacienda Mexico rental

Cream offers a wide range of services:

property management and marketing,

travel experiences and bespoke journeys,

location rental...The spectrum is broad

but revolves around 1 idea:

Connecting people.

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