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Cream gives you a unique chance to stay in these incredible properties and experience the authentic hacienda life, immersed into tropical nature, surrounded by vernacular industrial architectures converted into living spaces, eating and cooking delicious products from the region and enjoying the intricate sequence of rooms and outdoor/indoor spaces, for inspirational and creative retreats.

hacienda de sol merida mexico rental

The Yucatan Haciendas' working model - very similar to that of the cotton plantations in the south of the United States - became illegal in 1917. Therefore the adjective "forbidden", which indicates an old tradition that is now, in fact, outlaw. Haciendas used to be the industrial estates where local workers would make a wide range of products: sugar, wheat, wool, leather and rope from the henequen plant, among others. Mostly abandoned at the beginning of the 20th century, some haciendas have now been restored into wonderful places to live or to rent for a very special experience.

Our forbidden estates  maintained their original architecture and structure; their interiors and gardens have been designed with respect to the local culture, arts and crafts and traditional materials, with a touch of modernism:





Forbidden Estate
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