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 Creative Real Estate, Art & Marketing 

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Our Story - Born Independent

Cream unofficially began when 2 people casually met at a party at East Village’s club “Le Souk” in New York, in the fall of 2009.

A real estate broker at the time of their encounter, Stephan also had a strong background in PR and marketing, while Virginia had been working as an independent art curator and event organizer for about five years then. Soon they realized they had complementary skills and they decided to start organizing events together, which they did in several venues in New York during the following months. The duo shared the goal of working independently and the same entrepreneurial creativity.


In the meantime we got married and we set to embark together on the journey we called Creamhotel, now known as Cream. Officially founded in New York in 2011, it was - and still is - about building a business, a brand that represented our identities: our independent and creativity-driven lifestyle, nonconformist cultural taste and a conscious way of traveling. We wanted to bring a fresh and innovative approach to the hospitality and travel industries.

Stephan’s real estate and marketing experience along with Virginia’s managerial and writing skills started up the project. At first, mainly "acting-as-if", from the living room of our Lower East Side's tenement apartment we launched our company. Soon enough, we would work with several different countries, in the Americas and in Europe.


Our biggest passion, which we share with millions of people, is to travel, discover new places and cultures and to meet new people. Through Cream, we seek to make a difference in the way people experience traveling and the socio-cultural contexts they visit.

Most importantly, Cream’s always had a deeper, underlying mission: to create an international network of like-minded people, who share a similar lifestyle and vision of the world, and who can connect through the products, initiatives and the services we offer.


Cream encompasses different aspects of life: traveling, dwelling, art & design, marketing, event planning and culture at large. Through our holiday rentals, tailored travel packages and creative spaces we offer you a collection of great experiences that we personally had and that we are now sharing with you!

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