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San Jose Eco Chic

A one-of-a-kind villa on the hills of Ibiza

Since 2011 Cream established a personal and personalized approach to hospitality and traveling. Unlike major reservation portals and agencies, often defined by an automatic, general and static system, Cream has chosen a flexible model that is able to address its clients’ diverse needs and requests. At Cream we understand that every person is different and we work case by case offering services and solutions tailored to our clients’ sought after experience. 

As our name implies, we bring creativity to all of our products, be it an accommodation, a journey or a location. We do this by providing a selection of properties and activities that are always culturally and artistically relevant, both locally and globally.

Our approach is innovative because it does more than providing services: it builds a dialogue from traveler to traveler, an exchange of tips and information within the frame of an unconventional lifestyle.

Our Approach

Our Destinations

Where would you go?

New York
Rio de Janeiro
Yucatan Peninsula

"I loved our time there. Cream made our stay worry free."

- Keisha, St Albans



Business trips, relocation, assessing a new market and opportunities , setting up a new shop... traveling for work is often synonym of more work and responsibilities. 

Let us take care of your accommodation, so you can focus on what matters to you.

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All Cream properties includes

In person check-in

Concierge service


Professional Cleaning

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